Can't use dataset wizard to modify datasets

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Can't use dataset wizard to modify datasets

Post by bwiggins » Tue 21 Apr 2009 16:13

I have just upgraded from vs 2003 to vs 2008 and corelab 3.55 pro to dotConnect 5.0.26.

After converting a project I modified a data adapter and tried to use the Devart Dataset wizard to update the dataset.

What happens is that I get a message saying "Cannot create instance of Truck.dsDischargeInsp" and cannot proceed any further.

If I delete the dataset and then use the dataset wizard to create a new dataset it works fine. After creating the new one I still cannot modify it using the dataset wizard. I can create a brand new project and create a new datasets and then modify them.

Any help on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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Post by Shalex » Wed 22 Apr 2009 08:19

We cannot reproduce the problem with the 5.0.26 version of dotConnect for MySQL. We have created Devart typed DataSet using DataSet Wizard (the Tools | MySQL | DataSet Wizard menu of Visual Studio). After that the same dataset was modified with the help of the same wizard. It works properly. Could you please send us (support at devart*com, topic "DataSet update issue") a small test project with your dataset to reproduce the issue? Please include the definitions of database objects for us to try to update your dataset in our environment. We will investigate this issue and notify you about the results as soon as possible.

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