MySql 5.0.4 select field with DECIMAL-Type fails

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MySql 5.0.4 select field with DECIMAL-Type fails

Post by mj10777 » Sun 22 May 2005 12:35

Problem : Using MySql 5.0.4-beta-debug on Windows XP
- a certain Table cannot be selected
- this Table has a DECIMAL Field - the only one of all my MySql Tables
- this does not happen with the same Table in MySql 4.1.9, Access or MsSql
- this happens when using UniDirect or a 'Select * from something' with the MySqlDirect Table Sample
- the 'MySql Query Browser 1.1.5' can select and show the Table with no errors.

This problem also accours after creating the following Table :

Profession VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT 'Test String',
Preis DECIMAL(19,4) DEFAULT 0 COMMENT 'Test Decimal Problem',
Datum DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00' COMMENT 'Test Date',
KEY id (id),
INDEX (id)
) TYPE=InnoDb COMMENT='Test Table for MySql 5.0.4 Problem.' ;

The select Command (Fill) will also fail with the following Messages :
--> Specified method is not supported
Any further attemt to use the Connection will cause the following Message
--> Net packets out of order: received[101], expected[1]

In my Database Program this started when attemting to do the following :
- uni_Command.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM `software_inventur` ; "
- uni_DataReader = uni_Command.ExecuteReader();
--> Specified method is not supported
- dt_Schema = uni_DataReader.GetSchemaTable();

After two attemts to use the connection (also with a new Command and Reader) where the 'Net packets ..'
come, the program dies (i.e. no longer reacts) despite the try / catch attempts.

Leaving out this Table, everything works.
It is also possible to retrieve results from ;
- 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM software_inventur'
- 'SELECT ID FROM software_inventur'
- from this Table with the correct results.
But once a 'select *' or a 'select Preis FROM software_inventur' (the Field with the DECIMAL)
- it will fail.

Since it all works in 'MySql Query Browser 1.1.5', I must assume the error lies elsewere.

My main Problem is that the Programs dies when this accurs. :cry:

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany


Post by Serious » Mon 23 May 2005 07:27

What version of MySQLDirect .NET do you use?


Version 2.80 (or 280)

Post by mj10777 » Mon 23 May 2005 14:07

I updated in April 2005, so it should be the lastest Version.

mysqlnet280pro.msi - that would be the Framework 1.1 Version
since I am working in VS 2003.

The UniDirect was not updated - but this also happens in the MySql Sample.

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany


Post by Serious » Mon 23 May 2005 14:20

Limited support for MySQL Server v5.0.4 will be added to next version of MySQLDirect .NET. Look forward for the next build this week.


MySql 5.0.4-beta

Post by mj10777 » Mon 23 May 2005 16:22

OK, but this problem is the only one I have run into the last 3 weeks.

Everything else I think is the beta itself - a program that ran with MySql 4.1.9 well (with a lot of Table Creation's, Contraint's and Inserts) loses the Connection when it starts. :cry:

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

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Post by chibacity » Tue 24 May 2005 15:08

When Serious says 'Limited support for MySQL Server v5.0.4', how limited will this support be?

What's in and what's out?



Post by Serious » Tue 24 May 2005 15:24

New protocol is "out" (see MySqlConnection.ClientVersion property in direct mode).
Result sets from stored functions are "out".

These features (and some others, e.g. compression, SSL, SSH) will be supported in near future.

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Post by chibacity » Tue 24 May 2005 16:30

When is the ability to support the return of result sets from stored procedures likely to be supported?

I would like to re-write my data access layer to use stored procedures, and being able to fill datasets using stored procedures is central to this.



Post by Serious » Tue 31 May 2005 08:53

We are working at the new version of MySQLDirect .NET. Unfortunately some features take time. We cannot estimate release date now.


with MySql 5.0.6 - does not happen

Post by mj10777 » Sat 11 Jun 2005 10:41

This problem does not happen in MySql 5.0.6-beta for Windows any more.

In the release Infomation there were remarks about Decimal fields from pre-5.* Versions could not be imported.

So I assume they found some problem that caused my problem (was using 5.0.4) and resolved it.

So I assume it was not your problem - but their's.

Up to now : no problems using 5.0.6 - but allthouh I have download your last update - it has not been installed.

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany

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Post by Oleg » Thu 16 Jun 2005 08:47

Try to reinstall MySQLDirect .NET. Check before that MySQLDirect isn't installed and there are no CoreLab.MySql.dll, CoreLab.MySql.Addin.dll, CoreLab.MySql.Design.dll files in GAC.
Please specify which errors do you receive when installing or uninstalling the product.

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