New build of MyDirect .NET 4.70.31 is available!

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New build of MyDirect .NET 4.70.31 is available!

Post by AndreyR » Mon 21 Jul 2008 08:27

Dear users, new build of MyDirect .NET 4.70.31 is available for download now.

This version includes:
  • Fixed bug with connection strings from app.config and Server Explorer
  • Fixed bug with DataSet Wizard in Visual Studio 2008
  • Added stored procedure parameters to Server Explorer
  • Unified provider name in Visual Studio 2008 (CoreLab.MySql instead of CoreLab.MySql.Entity)
  • MySQL Unsigned MediumInt type is now mapped to CLR Int32
    Entity Framework support:
  • Supported StoreGeneratedPattern attribute with values Identity and Computed
  • Supported System.Guid type (manual mapping required)
  • Supported mapping of signed TinyINT to System.SByte
  • Changed default type mapping in EDM Wizard for unsigned types
  • Fixed bug with simultaneous usage of Skip() and Take() methods
  • Fixed type mapping in EntityKey.EntityKeyValues
  • Fixed definitions of some provider-specific functions in Entity SQL
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