License not valid exception

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License not valid exception

Post by mfrieling » Fri 18 Jul 2008 13:19


in my WebApp I get an exception from MyDirect.NET saying "License not valid due to the problems with MyDirect .NET installation." on my development machine. The WebApp is only called locally and as I know myDirect.NET does not require a license when used only on localhost - as is default on development machines - but only on production machines/servers.

MyDirect.NET version: 4.30.24,
Visual Studio: 2008 Professional / ASP.NET 3.5
Vista Business 32Bit

Can it be that MyDirect.NET doesn't recognize the IPv6 address ::1 as locahost, but only the IPv4 address

Thanks in advance,


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Post by AndreyR » Thu 24 Jul 2008 16:26

Hello, Marco.

Try to reinstall the application on the machine where the problem occured.
Updating to the latest version also may help.

Regards, Andrey.

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