Licensing for the first time

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Licensing for the first time

Post by empereur » Wed 05 Mar 2008 21:05


First time I try to use this product.

I've just read "Technical Problems with Licensing".
You indicate that a file licenses.licx should be created containg "CoreLab.MySQL.MySqlConnection..." in it.
Q1/ Is this step mandatory for MyDirect .Net trial and/or not trial context ?
Q2/ If one has a perpetual license, is the above step with licenses.licx mandatory ?
Q3/ In the samples loaded on mar. 04, there's already a ressource named CoreLab.MySQL.licenses. Does this mean that for trial testing, there's already thorough installation done and that its ready to function ?


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Post by Alexey.mdr » Thu 06 Mar 2008 06:56

Well as to the first and second questions.
Core Lab products follow Microsoft recommended component licensing procedure.
The file licenses.lixc is mandatory in every application that uses MyDirect .NET.
But in most cases you don't need to worry about that, because the file is created automatically.
Q3) Yes the samples are ready to work (unless the trial period is expired – in this case please contact our support department).

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