Net packets out of ... you guessed it ... order

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Net packets out of ... you guessed it ... order

Post by leek » Tue 03 May 2005 09:41

Hi all

No-one seems to have posted this error this week. Let me be the first.

I'm using the new build (2.80.6), and mySQL 4.1.8. I'm connecting from ASP.NET, framework 1.1.

As usual the received packets and expected packets vary. I wish I could replicate it, and force it to happen, because then I could control it. It just seems to randomly happen, as exceptions do.

I've held my breath with every new core lab build, but this error is just not getting fixed. I'm prepared to adjust my system and code if the error cannot be resolved, but I need to understand why it's happening, so I can avoid it.

Thanks in advance.

[MySqlException: Net packets out of order: received[116], expected[1]]
CoreLab.MySql.MySqlNet.a() +292
CoreLab.MySql.MySqlNet.Receive() +27
CoreLab.MySql.ab.b() +14 A_0, Byte[] A_1, Int32 A_2) +47 +435
CoreLab.MySql.MySqlCommand.a(CommandBehavior A_0, IDisposable A_1, Int32 A_2, Int32 A_3) +345
CoreLab.Common.DbCommandBase.b(CommandBehavior A_0) +113
CoreLab.Common.DbCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior) +4
CoreLab.MySql.MySqlCommand.ExecuteReader() +7


Post by Serious » Wed 04 May 2005 07:40

1. Do you open a new connection before reading data?
2. Please collect some information about this error for us.
Try to replicate it and write down packet numbers (received[X], expected[Y]).
Send a letter with this data (5-10 packet numbers) to e-mail support (which can be found in readme.txt).

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