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Maybe Bug

Post by Zero-G. » Thu 10 Jan 2008 12:43


Maybe, you still know, that I use your controls: 4.25.23 and VB.NET 2005

We have mailed a few times because of problems in earlier versions with the DataSet Designer and TableAdapters with non provider specific DataSets.

I have changed my connections in all DataSets at Designtime. From a Connection on the form to a "global" Connection, which is stored in My.Settings.
Since I did this, I can't work with the DataSet Designer which is provided from you control anymore. - The connection seems not to be available in the designer.

Please help!

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Post by Alexey.mdr » Thu 10 Jan 2008 14:19

We tested the DataSet wizard and didn't encounter this problem.
I suggest you to peek into the Shared single connection paragraph of the InterForm Technology topic in the provided documentation.

If you do not overcome the problem, please send us a small sample project to our support address, so we can investigate the problem in more details.

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