Dataset editor connection problem

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Dataset editor connection problem

Post by b.szabo » Wed 12 Dec 2007 09:56


I have problem with dataset editor connection.
On the database explorer and for the mysqlconnection object the test connection is ok. In the database explorer I can reach and manipulate any data.
Inside the from I have table adapters also their connection is also working, and I can reach the data.
When I'm opening up the dataset editor all options for the type is available (text, tabledirect etc.), but when I click on the object name the following error message occurs:
Access denied user 'root@localhost'(using password:yes)
So I checked the dataset properties, maybe something wrong there but the connection properties is ok.
Can you help me what could be the problem, because I cannot find it.



Post by Serious » Wed 12 Dec 2007 10:36

Check connection string in the generated .cs (or .vb) file (file name may look like "DataSet1.Designer.cs"). Maybe there are several connection strings exist in your application, and one of them is invalid. Remember that connections in database explorer do not directly linked to connections in your application.

If this doesn't help describe in detail do you use CoreLab DataSet Editor toolwindow or standard DataSet designer. Please make clear do you use CoreLab MyDeveloper Database Explorer or standard Server Explorer.

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