Can't get embedded server to work

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Can't get embedded server to work

Post by mefcon » Mon 19 Nov 2007 20:16

I am using version 3.55 of the mysqldirect dll. I have followed your instructions carefully and I still get the same error:

Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. I get this error when I test the connection with the connection editor. If I run my project it just crashes without any indication of the crash.

I've gone through all the other posts you have on this subject and have made sure to follow all your instructions.

I am using version 5.1 of the libmysqld.dll and visual studio 2005.


Post by Serious » Thu 22 Nov 2007 10:28

We are working on this issue. MySQL Embedded Server 5.1 will be supported in the next version of MyDirect .NET 4 (you'll have to upgrade).

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