FormView (automatic Parameters) bind to MySqlDataSource

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Post by Kim » Mon 08 Oct 2007 16:16


I've got an WebForm with a FormView in insert mode bind to a MySqlDataSource. The InsertCommand is set to a stored procedure with several input parameters. There several Textboxes bind to MySql data columns. For every bound Textbox i get an automatic created parameter in the textboxes appearance order.

My parameters order in the stored procedure is different and so i get wrong values in the data columns on the MySql server.

Do the parameters order from the MySqlDataSource have be in the same order as they are declared in the stored procedure ?

Is it possible to use MySqlDataSource like MS SqlDataSource in conjunction with MS Sql Server ?

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Post by Alexey » Tue 09 Oct 2007 07:43

Please send me a small test project to reproduce the problem.
Include the definition of your own database objects.
Use e-mail address provided in the Readme file.
Do not use third party components.

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