DataSet Wizzard Problem

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DataSet Wizzard Problem

Post by Zero-G. » Wed 18 Jul 2007 06:21

I have send you a sample project last week, with DataSet Wizzard troubles. - Yesterday in a nother Forums entrie your wrote:
I answered you on Wednesday. The message was
Neither dataset has such tables. Please advise.
Could you provide me with step-by-step scenario to reproduce all three
Probably your mail server blocked my letter. Check this out.
Please create another thread for this problem.
As I told in the mail, the problem is not, that all tables are visible. - The problem is, that some of the Tables have no SQL Statement. - And those tables, which have no SQL-Statement, I can't delete, because of the following error message:
Cannot remove unique constrain ‘Constraint1’. Remove foreign key constraint ‘relZusatz_auftragbrille’ first


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Post by Alexey » Thu 19 Jul 2007 09:52

None of three problems could be reproduced. Your dataset is correct.

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