Silent installation without installing into GAC

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Silent installation without installing into GAC

Post by pergardebrink » Tue 05 Jan 2021 09:26

I am trying to setup a silent installation of the dotConnect for MySql, but am having trouble automating so that it doesn't install assemblies into GAC.

My current commandline for installing is:

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dcmysql818_1759pro /norestart /suppressmessageboxes /silent /components=VsIntegration,Entity,WebProviders,AspNetIdentity,ModelerTool
I am however unable to stop it from installing the assemblies. I have tried to save the settings from an installation where I unchecked it with the /SAVEINF command, but there's no difference between clicking it and not clicking it and the log does not give any hints.

Apparently there seems to be some Inno Setup check that looks specifically at the checkbox in a "CheckEnableGac" function (and that checkbox is not there during unattended setup).

Is this possible to automate? If it's not possible to do with current version, could you add a way of specifying this from the commandline?

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Re: Silent installation without installing into GAC

Post by DmitryGm » Wed 06 Jan 2021 10:11

The Do not install assemblies in the GAC option is not yet available when installing from the command line in the silent mode.

We are investigating adding this option for the silent mode in future product releases.

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