MySQL Developer Tools 2.00 for Visual Studio and Delphi Rele

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MySQL Developer Tools 2.00 for Visual Studio and Delphi Rele

Post by Devart » Thu 26 Apr 2007 12:48

Core Lab team is glad to announce a release of MySQL Developer Tools 2.00 for Visual Studio and Delphi. Version 2.00 introduces a large number of new features, including support of the latest IDEs, such as Visual Studio 2005 and CodeGear Delphi 2007 for Win32, integration with [url=]MySQLDirect .NET 4.00[/url] and [url=]MyDAC 5.00[/url], stored procedure debugging and database project support, new administration tools and many others.

[color=blue][b]MySQL Developer Tools 2.00[/b][/color] offers you the following features:

[b]Integration with MyDAC[/b]
Added MyDAC component designer extensions, including syntax highlighting, code completion, visual query building, stored procedure debugging, and others.

[b]Stored Procedure and Script Debuggers[/b]
Added a framework for debugging stored procedures and SQL scripts.

[b]Improved SQL Editor[/b]
Greatly improved the SQL Editor. The following features were added:
[list][*]Enhanced Find and Replace window lets you search and replace text in all opened documents and view search results in a Find Results window
[*]Advanced Code completion includes keywords and objects from the parsed script
[*]Parameter information
[*]Quick information about pointed object in the script
[*]Navigation bar for navigating to script objects and subobjects
[*]In-place visual select statements editing with Query Builder window
[*]Incremental search is now available
[*]Code navigation for jumping to the definitions of database objects
[*]Syntax customization[/list][b]Database project support[/b]
Added a project management framework for bookmarking related scripts and organizing database developments.
Projects can be deployed in any order and saved to a file.

[b]Keyboard Shortcut Customization[/b]
A set of keyboard mapping schemes with full customization added.

[b]New Security Manager[/b]
Added integrated Security Manager for manipulating user accounts, granting and revoking privileges.

[b]Table maintenance, flush and server variables[/b]
Added table maintenance wizard, flush dialog and server variables window.

[b]Extended Database Object Search[/b]
Added full text and object data search. Completely redesigned Find Object window.

[b]Service Control[/b]
New service management window lets you start and stop MySQL services under Windows.

[b]MySQL Event support[/b]
Added support for the MySQL event object type.

[b]Session Manager[/b]
Added a Session Manager for controlling and analyzing user sessions

[b]Improved Working with Data[/b]
The following features added for working with data:
[list][*]You can now print data from data editor directly
[*]Sequential fetch feature was added - not all the data can now be fetched at once, cursor can be left opened to fetch data later
[*]Data output can now be redirected to the Output window and viewed as text
[*]Card View mode gives a visual way to view data rows[/list][b]Code Templates[/b]
Added an extensive collection of SQL code templates.

[b]Document Outlining[/b]
Added a Document Outline window for viewing the structure of SQL documents. To simplify code navigation, DML commands,
DDL statements, code blocks and variables are represented as single structural units.

[b]Other new features[/b][list][*]Now you can open several object editors for the same type of object in one document
[*]The Output window now has several tabs for viewing different kinds of messages[/list]Please try the new version of MySQL Developer Tools that can be downloaded at

We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team