MySQL Developer Studio 2.0 Beta available!

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MySQL Developer Studio 2.0 Beta available!

Post by Devart » Mon 19 Mar 2007 13:49

Core Lab announces the beta version of MySQL Developer Studio 2.0. Version 2.0 introduces a large number of new features, including stored routine debugging and database project support, new administration tools and many others. Release of the final version is scheduled for the end of March.

[color=blue][b]MySQL Developer Studio 2.00[/b][/color] offers you following features:

[b]Stored Routine and Script Debuggers[/b]
Added a framework for debugging stored routines and SQL scripts.

[b]Improved SQL Editor[/b]
Greatly improved the SQL Editor. The following features were added:
[list][*]Enhanced Find and Replace window lets you search and replace text in all opened documents and view search results in a Find Results window
[*]Advanced Code completion includes keywords and objects from the parsed script
[*]Parameter information
[*]Quick information about pointed object in the script
[*]Navigation bar for navigating to script objects and subobjects
[*]In-place visual select statements editing with Query Builder window
[*]Incremental search is now available
[*]Code navigation for jumping to the definitions of database objects and PL/SQL variables
[*]Syntax customization[/list][b]Database project support[/b]
Added a project management framework for bookmarking related scripts and organizing database developments.
Projects can be deployed in any order and saved to a file.

[b]Keyboard Shortcut Customization[/b]
A set of keyboard mapping schemes with full customization added.

[b]New Security Manager[/b]
Added integrated Security Manager for manipulating user accounts, granting and revoking privileges.

[b]Table maintenance, flush and server variables[/b]
Added table maintenance wizard, flush dialog and server variables window.

[b]Extended Database Object Search[/b]
Added full text and object data search. Completely redesigned Find Object window.

[b]Service Control[/b]
New service management window lets you start and stop MySQL services under Windows.

[b]MySQL Event support[/b]
Added support for the MySQL event object type.

[b]Session Manager[/b]
Added a Session Manager for controlling and analyzing user sessions

[b]Improved Working with Data[/b]
The following features added for working with data:
[list][*]You can now print data from data editor directly
[*]Sequential fetch feature was added - not all the data can now be fetched at once, cursor can be left opened to fetch data later
[*]Data output can now be redirected to the Output window and viewed as text
[*]Card View mode gives a visual way to view data rows[/list][b]Code Templates[/b]
Added an extensive collection of SQL code templates.

[b]Document Outlining[/b]
Added a Document Outline window for viewing the structure of SQL documents. To simplify code navigation, DML commands,
DDL statements, code blocks and variables are represented as single structural units.

[b]Other new features[/b][list][*]Now you can open several object editors for the same type of object in one document
[*]The Output window now has several tabs for viewing different kinds of messages[/list]Please try the new version of MySQL Developer Studio that can be downloaded at

We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team