MySQLDirect .NET Data Provider 4.00 Beta available!

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MySQLDirect .NET Data Provider 4.00 Beta available!

Post by Devart » Wed 10 Jan 2007 10:28

Dear users,

Please try MySQLDirect .NET Data Provider 4.00 Beta version available for download now.
In this version we introduced following features:

Database applications design extensibility
  • Added DataSet Manager to control all datasets in the project
  • Added DataSet Editor for convenient datasets manipulation
  • New MySqlDataSet class to use with MySqlDataTable
  • New component DataLink added for flexible data binding
  • New capabilities added to MySqlDataTable class
  • Added capability for cross-form components cooperation
  • Design time visualization extended
  • Supported addin, DataSet Wizard, and MySQL Developer tools integration with Borland Developer Studio
.NET 2 features
  • Added MySqlDependency class to support Database Change Notification
  • Added MySqlDataSourceEnumerator class to support Server Enumeration feature
  • Added support for Batch Update in MySqlDataAdapter
  • Added support for returning provider-specific types in MySqlDataReader and MySqlDataAdapter
  • Added support for MySqlDataAdapter.ReturnProviderSpecificTypes property
Other features
  • SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Solutions supported
  • Added data provider and set of data access modules for DotNetNuke
  • Added MySqlSelectStatement class for building SELECT statements
  • Added MySqlDecimal class to represent MySQL DECIMAL type
  • Added MySqlBinaryString class to represent BINARY and VARBINARY type
  • Added list of hosts in connection form and connection properties
  • Added MySqlLoader.LoadTable() method
  • Base level classes moved to the new assembly CoreLab.Data.dll
  • New demo projects added
  • Added DbLoader class that serves to load external data into database
  • Added MySQLDirect .NET information to Visual Studio 2005 splash screen and About box
We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team