Oracle Data Access Components 6.00 Beta available!

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Oracle Data Access Components 6.00 Beta available!

Post by Devart » Wed 10 Jan 2007 10:25

Dear users,

Please try ODAC 6.00 Beta version available for download now.
Version 6.00 introduces a large number of new features including disconnected model and local failover support,
extended server-specific functionality support and many others.

New functionality:
  • Disconnected model for working offline and automatically connecting and disconnecting supported
  • Local Failover for detecting connection loss and implicitly reexecuting some operations supported
  • LargeInt fields supported
  • New tool for easily managing DataSets added
  • New component for transferring data between all types of TDataSets descendants added
  • Data export and import to/from XML supported
  • Support for sending messages to DBMonitor from any point of your program added
Support for more Oracle server functionality:
  • Distributed transactions supported
  • Advanced Queuing support added
  • Change notifications functionality of Oracle 10g supported
  • DBMS_TRACE package and SQLTrace functionality supported
  • OCI Connection Pooling, Statement Caching, and Proxy Session Pooling added
  • External Procedures support added
Extensions and improvements to existing functionality:
  • Master/Detail functionality extensions:
    - Local Master/Detail relationship support added
    - Master/Detail relationship in CachedUpdates mode support added
  • Connection pool functionality improvements:
    - Efficiency significantly improved
    - API for draining the connection pool added
  • TOraScript component improvements:
    - Support for executing individual statements in scripts added
    - Support for executing huge scripts stored in files with dynamic loading added
    - Ability to use standard SQL*Plus tool syntax added
  • Greatly increased performance of applying updates in CachedUpdates mode
  • Working with calculated and lookup fields improvements:
    - Local sorting and filtering added
    - Record location speed increased
    - Improved working with lookup fields
  • Ability to customize update commands by attaching external components to TOraUpdateSQL objects added
  • Support for using BeforeFetch and AfterFetch events in NonBlocking mode added
  • Temporary LOBs for updating LOB fields supported
  • Support for setting connection timeout values for Net mode added
Usability improvements:
  • Syntax highlighting in design-time editors added
  • Easy-to-use demo projects
We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

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