MySQL 8.0 support in dotConnect for MySQL 8.12 !

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MySQL 8.0 support in dotConnect for MySQL 8.12 !

Post by Devart » Thu 19 Jul 2018 12:11

Dear users,

Devart is glad to announce the release of dotConnect for MySQL 8.12 — a powerful ADO.NET provider for MySQL with advanced support for Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, and LinqConnect ORMs.

The new version of dotConnect for MySQL features MySQL 8.0 support. We have supported the new default MySQL authentication plugin – caching_sha2_password. The list of MySQL charset collations was extended with the new collations introduced in MySQL 8.0.

dotConnect for MySQL is now fully compatible with the latest MySQL version, and you can use it for your applications that need to connect to MySQL 8.0.

If you need another feature in our providers, visit our forum at UserVoice and vote for suggested features or suggest your own one.

Devart development team