MySQL Developer Tools for Borland Delphi .NET 1.70 Beta avai

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MySQL Developer Tools for Borland Delphi .NET 1.70 Beta avai

Post by Devart » Wed 15 Mar 2006 16:54

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce that Beta version of MySQL Developer Tools for Borland Developer Studio 2006
is available for download now. In this version we introduced support of Borland Developer Studio 2006,
and all MySQL 5.0 objects are supported. User and privilege management, database export and import,
trigger support and many more features were added.

[color=darkblue][b]MySQL Developer Tools 1.70 Beta new features[/b][/color]

[b]Borland Delphi 2006 support added [/b]

[b]User and Privileges Management [/b]
User Manager and Grant Manager allows you easily manipulate MySQL accounts and privileges.

[b]Database Export/Import [/b]
Database Export Wizard provides you flexible export of a database or of some database objects to a script.
Database export can be tuned with a lot of options. You can export objects' structure, tables' data or both of them.
Database Import Wizard can import database from a script in a few clicks.

[b]Trigger Support [/b]
MySQL Developer now supports triggers. You can use visual Trigger editor to create or edit them.

[b]Script Support [/b]
Now you can edit or execute not only single queries but scripts too.

[b]Stop Execution Feature [/b]
All queries and scripts are now executed asynchronously. You can continue work on other documents while executing script.
At any time you can interrupt its execution pressing Stop execution button.

[b]Execution of Selected SQL Fragment [/b]
You can now select and execute any part of script or query.

[b]Data Export [/b]
Data Export Wizard provides you capability to export data to external format. Export to HTML, XML, MS Excel
and Text format is supported. You can set different export options to change result file appearance.

[b]Dynamic Data Viewing [/b]
Use Dynamic Data Viewing to view data of a table or view just by selecting it in DbExplorer.

[b]Paginal Data Access Mode [/b]
If there are very many data in a table you can use Paginal Mode to view data in parts.
You can set page row count to view as many records on the page as you wish.

[b]LOB Viewer/Editor [/b]
LOB Viewer and Editor allow to view and edit BLOB and Text data in corresponding table fields.

[b]Database Object Search [/b]
MySQL Developer allows to search for database objects by name and type.
You can search for an object in specific databases or in the whole server.

[b]Secure SSL and SSH Connections Support [/b]
You can now use SSL and SSH connection for secure working with data.

[b]Query Plan Tool [/b]
With Query Plan Tool you can analyse select statements and improve table structure.

[b]Duplicate Object [/b]
This feature allows to duplicate any database object into the same or another database.

[b]DDL Generation Wizard [/b]
This wizard generates DDL script for selected database objects. You can select objects from one
or several databases for DDL script generation.

[b]Tabbed Groups for Documents [/b]
You can open several tab groups with documents, resize them, move documents from one group to another,
show only one document group.

[b]Drag-n-Drop Files [/b]
You can now drop files on MySQL Developer window to open them.

There are also many MySQL Developer improvements.

Please try Beta version of MySQL Developer Tools for Borland Delphi .NET that can be downloaded

We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team