Entity Developer 2.50 Released!

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Entity Developer 2.50 Released!

Post by Devart » Tue 24 Nov 2009 11:21

Dear users,

Devart is glad to announce the release of Entity Developer 2.50, a designer for modeling and code generation for ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL for SQL Server. With the help of the tool, you can design an entity model from scratch or reverse-engineer an existing database, in which case you will have the classes and relations with just several clicks.

Entity Developer 2.50 was greatly improved. Now Entity Developer allows to view and edit data of tables, views, and model entities, create and execute Entity SQL, LINQ to Entities, and LINQ to SQL queries against the model, eliminating the need for additional applications and reducing time for accessing these operations. See our blog article about working with data for more information at http://www.devart.com/blogs/dotconnect/?p=257.

Code generation for models was completely redesigned. New T4 like template language allows you to use the full power of C# or Visual Basic in the templates, allowing virtually anything you may want for code generation. Template editor now provides syntax highlighting, code completion, and parameter information features. Syntax highlighting allows you to easily distinguish text and code blocks. See our blog article about code generation for more information at http://www.devart.com/blogs/dotconnect/?p=224.

The model got two new properties, affecting code generation: File Per Class and View Generation. File Per Class property allows placing each model class to a separate file, and View Generation adds code for pre-generating views
for Entity Framework models.

If you wish to provide feedback on the new version, you can do it in our forums or with contact form at http://devart.com/company/contact.html. There is also feedback form in the support zone of the product at http://devart.com/entitydeveloper/support.html. We are always glad to hear your comments and take into account your development needs.

Devart Development Team