Schema Compare for MySQL - speed, simplicity, safety!

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Schema Compare for MySQL - speed, simplicity, safety!

Post by heleng » Thu 04 Jun 2009 10:49

Dear users,

Devart has released today dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 1.00 - a special advanced tool for modern comparison and synchronization of MySQL databases. dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL 1.00 meets the needs of both database administrators and developers to automate and simplify the diversity of tasks related to updating and migrating of MySQL databases.

Being part of dbForge Studio for MySQL, a company's best-seller product for MySQL database administration and development, the functionality of dbForge Schema Compare has met approval of many DBAs and developers.

Speed, simplicity, and safety

As a modern MySQL database management tool, dbForge Schema Compare is based on the solid cornerstones vital for smooth updating and migrating of MySQL databases. They are speed, simplicity, and safety.

The new product provides database administrators and developers with capabilities to quickly compare databases regardless of their structure or MySQL server version. It reduces the intensive hours of schema differences management to minutes and guarantees quick databases synchronization without errors and program misoperation.

dbForge Schema Compare has [b]passed hundreds of usability tests to simplify schema comparison[/b] and deliver the clear display of comparison results listing object differences in the grid and showing their DDL differences under the grid. Multiple options for quick sorting, filtering, and search of schema differences ensure easy management.

In modern fast-pace environment safe and error-free schema synchronization is one of key points. dbForge Schema Compare generates a standards-driven synchronization script to guarantee the smooth synchronization. Prior to the script generation, a preview of the synchronization script for every compared schema object is available.

Main product features include
[*] Support of all MySQL server versions 3.23-6.0
[*] Faster comparison of any databases including extra-large ones
[*] Clear display of comparison results, no time waste for understanding what to do next
[*] Efficient management of compared objects with a rich set of options
[*] Text comparer to show DDL differences of compared objects
[*] Schema synchronization wizard to generate a standard-driven synchronization script with additional options
[*] Integrated SQL editor for advanced work with SQL scripts and query files
Free trial version available.

Devart Development Team