dbForge Studio and dbForge Fusion for MySQL v 3.10 Released!

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dbForge Studio and dbForge Fusion for MySQL v 3.10 Released!

Post by Devart » Tue 09 Dec 2008 13:11

Dear users,

Devart is pleased to announce the release of dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.10 and dbForge Fusion for MySQL 3.10.

The new versions offer a number of improvements for working with database projects, significant increase of SQL editor performance, and better understanding of errors, warnings, and messages, while working.

[color=#1f93d3][b]This is the list of all new features in dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.10 and dbForge Fusion for MySQL 3.10:[/b][/color]

[b]Support of multiple database project deployment connections[/b]

Now you can set different connections for project configurations. These connections allow you to deploy the same database project to various servers. You get more freedom in handling the project. For example, you can test the project on one server and deploy the final version to another one.

[b]Incremental database project synchronization with the server[/b]

Now when you apply the project changes to the server, you can deploy only the required ones and be sure that no data on the server will be lost as during the usual deployment. This feature is a good contribution to database development.

[b]Database object dependencies supported[/b]

In prior versions the Generate DDL, Schema Export, New Project Wizard, Schema Synchronization wizards generated SQL scripts paying no attention to object dependencies. Now all objects in SQL scripts are generated based on object dependency sorting principle. For example, if View 1 refers to View 2, View 1 will come first or tables will follow those tables which refer to them.

This ensures that the generated SQL scripts will be executed without errors and you won't loose your time for additional code editing.

[b]Optimized SQL editor performance[/b]

SQL editor performance has been greatly increased due to optimized parsing of SQL scripts. You can open and edit large SQL scripts quicker. Moreover, to speed up your work, automatic switching off SQL editing features in large SQL scripts is implemented.

[b]Filter toolbar in Error List window[/b]

Filter toolbar is added to Error List window to show the quantity of errors, warnings, and messages. Also it filters the list of records, so that you can access the records of the selected type in one click.

[b]Sample database project added to the installation[/b]

Learning the structure and peculiarities of database projects has become easier. A sample database project, based on MySQL database Sakila, is added to the installation. Using the sample, even beginners will quickly get the idea and start working with projects successfully.

[color=#1f93d3][b]Get more benefits and download now:[/b][/color]
[list][*]dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.10
[*]dbForge Fusion for MySQL 3.10[/list]
If you wish to provide feedback on the new versions, you can do it using:
[list][*][url=http://devart.com/dbforge/mysql/studio/ ... v=3.10&s=0]dbForge Studio for MySQL Feedback Page[/url]
[*][url=http://www.devart.com/dbforge/mysql/fus ... v=3.10&s=0]dbForge Fusion for MySQL Feedback Page[/url]
[*]our [url=http://devart.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=23]forums[/url].[/list]
We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Devart Development Team