MyDAC 4.00 Beta is available!

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MyDAC 4.00 Beta is available!

Post by Devart » Mon 06 Jun 2005 13:13

Dear users,

Please try MyDAC 4.00 Beta version that is available for download now.
New features:
  • Unicode support added
  • Enhanced support for MySQL Embedded Server with TMyEmbConnection component added
  • Binary protocol support for MySQL 4.1 and above added
  • Encrypted SSL connections support with OpenSSL added
  • Enhanced support for national charsets added with TMyConnectionOptions.Charset property
  • BLOB compression support added
  • RefreshQuick for TCustomMyDataSet added
  • Large amount of data support for TMyDump added
  • Server start/stop ability for TMyServerControl added
  • TMyBuilder component added for easy using MySQLBuilder at run-time
  • FAQ added
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