New Versions of ADO.NET Data Providers Are Released!

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New Versions of ADO.NET Data Providers Are Released!

Post by Devart » Tue 25 Dec 2007 13:09

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce the release of the next versions of OraDirect .NET 4.35, MyDirect .NET 4.30, PostgreSQLDirect .NET 3.30, and SQLDirect .NET 1.25. In this version you get support for Visual Studio 2008 and Entity Framework Beta 3. The full power of the newest IDE and object-centered development is in your possession (except SQLDirect .NET, where Entity Framework is not supported).

As a step towards better usability, we have added a dialog and a wizard that greatly simplify your work with licensing in the products. From now on you are able to verify and embed licensing information in your projects in a few clicks.

For the complete list of new features refer to the history pages of each product.

OraDirect .NET 4.35[ Download ] [ New Features ]
MyDirect .NET 4.30[ Download ] [ New Features ]
PostgreSQLDirect .NET 3.30[ Download ] [ New Features ]
SQLDirect .NET 1.25[ Download ] [ New Features ]

If you wish to provide feedback on the new versions, you can do it in our forums at or by e-mail. We are always glad to hear your comments and take into account your development needs.

Core Lab development team