Type mismatch for field 'sumamoun' , expecting :Float actual : FMTBCDField

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Type mismatch for field 'sumamoun' , expecting :Float actual : FMTBCDField

Post by Timcmc » Thu 08 Mar 2007 09:36

create Table1 (amount decimal(16,5) default 0)

i use query data via sql command :
'select sum(amount) sumamount from Table1'

i add field name 'sumamount' to TClientDataset fieldeditor

Program Old dbxpress driver is work but i test crlab dbxpress driver
it show message error :
'Type mismatch for field 'sumamoun' , expecting :Float actual : FMTBCDField'

Thank for any idea

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Post by Antaeus » Mon 12 Mar 2007 12:37

Please specify what do you mean under the "Old dbxpress driver" - is it standard Borland driver or an old version of DbxMda?
Probably you have created a field(s) of the TFloatField type with the driver you name "Old", and then switched to the new DbxMda. Try to recreate with the new DbxMda driver all the fields created in design time before swithing.

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