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Post by scaupp » Fri 29 Dec 2006 15:13

We're testing our proposed updated system using 64-bit mySQL. We've encountered several issues, most notably a BCD Overflow that occurs under several conditions.

Does anyone have any history of using the Core Labs driver succesfully from within Kylix (using Borland's DB access components) against 64-bit mySQL?

At this point we're just trying to determine if there's a basic compatiblity problem or if we just have more tweaking to do.


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Post by Antaeus » Tue 02 Jan 2007 12:25

Please perform the following two experiments:
1) check if the problem persists using 32-bit MySQL Server
2) check if the problem persists connecting to 64-bit MySQL Server from Windows
Other users never reported us about such problems.

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