Migrating from Embarcaderos driver to devarts

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Migrating from Embarcaderos driver to devarts

Post by totte_karlsson » Fri 29 May 2020 04:19

I just bought Devarts driver for MySQL, as I have had good experience with the same fro SQLITE, versus embarcaderso native one.

However, when switching a current application from using Embarcaderos native driver for MySQl to Devarts driver, I get a lot of errors saying that a strings actual field is 'WideString' instead of String?

How to fix this?

UPDATE: I found that unchecking the "UseUnicode" checkbox in the driver section seem to fix this problem. This is odd, since having it checked with the native driver don't seem to be a problem?


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Re: Migrating from Embarcaderos driver to devarts

Post by ViktorV » Thu 04 Jun 2020 13:27

This behavior is correctю When the UseUnicode property is set to True, you can retrieve string data at the client side in Unicode encoding format, which enables you to work simultaneously with almost any language. All TStringField values will be converted to TWideStringField.

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