SSH connection + Demo errors

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SSH connection + Demo errors

Post by USEDFG » Tue 18 Mar 2014 15:00

Hi! I'm totally new at Delphi programming, so my troubles are troubles of a newbie.

I have two questions:

1) dbExpress driver itself does not support SSH connections?
(My task is to connect to the MySQL server over ssh (direct from program, without any external ssh clients like PuTTy etc.) My PM gave me link on dbExpress as a driver, that can connect over ssh, but I can't find any justification of this fact. As I understood you have other product "SecureBridge" for realizing of the SSH Client connection?

2) I cannot run your Demo of dbExpress.
Always getting error like: "Identifier redeclared: 'DbxDevartMySql'"

Can you help me with these two questions?

Alex K.

Devart Team
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Re: SSH connection + Demo errors

Post by Dimon » Fri 28 Mar 2014 09:25

dbExpress driver for MySQL does not support built-in SSH protocol. You can implement SSH support by using the SecureBridge components.
To use DbxMda with SecureBridge you should perform the following steps:
1. Install SSH server on the computer which runs MySQL server, setup it to listen a port allowed for remote connections, and run the SSH server. You can find an SSH server implementation within SecureBridge demos.
2. Add TScSSHChannel and TScSSHClient components to your client application to make an SSH client, and setup port forwarding from a local port to your MySQL server through the port listened by the SSH server. For example, see the SSHClient demo of SecureBridge.
3. Setup your TSQLConnection to connect to the localhost on the port that you used for port forwarding.

But it is better to use the MyDAC components, that use the SecureBridge components to communicate with SSH server.

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