Pre sales Question!

Discussion of open issues, suggestions and bugs regarding usage of dbExpress drivers for MySQL in Delphi and C++Builder
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Pre sales Question!

Post by MarkReaktor7 » Sat 14 Jan 2006 14:14

Hey guys..

Just a quick question.. I have been wondering about the dbx driver for mysql for some time now. I need it for a custom teamspeak solution i am building.. however i am a tad woried about the limited functionality..

From what i gather the linux and windows versions are exactly the same are they not? I am trying to make a solution here which uses the dbx driver made by CL, however i come up short with the 6 field limit.
My main problem is that although $70 isnt a huge expense, its not my money that im playing wiht here. I need approval from my boss and that means showing some sort of working copy or alteast an assurance that what i want to do is possible.

Are the linux and windows version the same. I have used the windows version of the teamspeak server and the windows dbx driver which doesnt have the 6 field limit and it works a charm. I just dont wanna fork out the money to find out the linux version doesnt have the same functionality.


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Post by Ikar » Mon 16 Jan 2006 16:52

Behavior of Std version for Linux is very similar to Std version for Windows. But we can't guarantee about MIDAS or Kylix functionality.

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