upgrade to Mariadb

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upgrade to Mariadb

Post by simoncp » Tue 07 May 2013 08:57

We have moved our database to mariadb 5.5 from mysql 5.1. Everything works fine, except we cannot retrieve temporary tables created on the mariadb database. The permissions are fine.
We are using delphi 7 on the client
Everything else seems to work OK.

The message is "(temporary table) not found" and we can see that the resultset is not being returned. If we run it on another client directly connected to the server rather than the delphi app, it works fine.
It will sometimes retrieve the information on the first attempt, but if we try again from the same position in the code it will always fail.

The temporary table is being created through a stored procedure and then an attempt is made to return it from the stored procedure. When we run it on a another client such as mysqladmin then it works fine, which tends to suggest that there is this particular problem with Delphi 7 and the dbexpress drivers when upgrading from mysql 5.1 to Mariadb 5.5 (or presumably Mysql5.5).

If anyone has any suggestions we would be most grateful as this is now becoming urgent.
I have tried posting requests for support, but have received no replies.
Many thanks

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Re: upgrade to Mariadb

Post by DemetrionQ » Mon 13 May 2013 13:49


The temporary table is deleted after closing the session (or after connection loss).
Please make sure (for example, using the TCPView and dbMonitor utilities), that connection to the server does not close. Also make sure that creation and opening of the table is performed via one and the same connection (you can do this with the dbMonitor utility).

dbExpress driver for MySQL is designed for work with MySQL. Since MariaDB is based on MySQL, then dbExpress driver for MySQL can work with MariaDB.

You can read about the specificity of work with temporary tables in MariaDB in the MariaDB documentation.

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