Problems with Sum() and Decimal Fields

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Problems with Sum() and Decimal Fields

Post by MvS » Thu 20 Oct 2005 13:25


I Use D2005, MySQL 5.0.13 and a registered version of DBExpress Driver 2.60.7.

When I use a SQL-Statement with TSimpleDataset like:

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Select a, sum(Decimal field) as b from 1 group by a
Field b becomes a TFMTBCDField
According to the readme file it should be a TBCDField
How can i fix this problem, because it shows now incorrect values when I use a TDBGrid.


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Post by Ikar » Thu 20 Oct 2005 14:00

The reason of this behavior is increasing of field precision.
You should use CAST statement to decrease precision back.

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