LibMysql 6.0.2 C Connector

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LibMysql 6.0.2 C Connector

Post by jblack » Thu 13 Jan 2011 11:37

Hi all, we recently updated our libmysql.dll to this version and we´re having problems creating a fresh connection to mysql using DevartMySQL driver (TDBXError "Invalid client version").

:0039df82 DbxCommonDriver100.@Dbxcommon@TDBXContext@Error$qqri17System@WideString + 0x56
:043B7A0F Dbxdynalink::TDBXMethodTable::RaiseError(Self=????, DBXContext=????, DBXResult=65535, DBXHandle=????, AdditionalInfo=????)
:043B7FCC Dbxdynalink::TDBXDynalinkConnection::CheckResult(Self=????, DBXResult=????)
:0039b10e DbxCommonDriver100.@Dbxcommon@TDBXConnection@Open$qqrv + 0xa
:406a8000 ; C:\WINDOWS\system32\dbexpress4100.bpl
:203a0c78 dbrtl100.@Db@TCustomConnection@SetConnected$qqro + 0x3c

Does someone know if this client library is non-compatible with last Devart driver? Is there any wrong here?

Thanks in advance.


Post by AndreyZ » Thu 13 Jan 2011 14:32


DbxMda doesn't support MySQL Connector C 6.0.2. But you can use the Direct mode to establish connection to the server. In this case you don't need the libmysql.dll library. Also it will increase the performance of your application. To use the Direct mode you should set the following options:

Code: Select all

SQLConnection.ConnectionName := 'Devart MySQL Direct';
SQLConnection.DriverName := 'DevartMySQLDirect';
SQLConnection.GetDriverFunc := 'getSQLDriverMySQLDirect';
For more information please read DbxMda Reference Manual.

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