Stuck with Read Only Datasets?

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Stuck with Read Only Datasets?

Post by mnoe » Mon 08 Aug 2005 21:35

I am fairly new to dbX and we are converting over from ADO to dbX and I have downloaded you latest driver for eval and so far I'm having a strange issue:

Basically, all of my dbX datasets (dbX tables) are somehow set read-only and I can't see any reason why. Is this a function of the driver evaluation?



SOrry for the stupid question..

Post by mnoe » Tue 09 Aug 2005 01:12

Figured out the answer by reading the docs.

Anyway, now I'm using the SqlClientDataSet and AutoIncrement fields don't work, meaning, the field editor retrieval does not recognize the data type to be AutoIncrement and my grid will not allow the editing of data.

Is the MySql AutoINcrement datatype supported by the dbX driver?

Delphi 6.2, MySql 4.1.13

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Post by Ikar » Mon 22 Aug 2005 09:34

Logic of working dbExpress and ADO is quite different. Possible, you would be easy to start using MyDAC.

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