Invalid field size

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e arlati

Invalid field size

Post by e arlati » Thu 18 Nov 2004 08:41

I have installed the rev 2.10 of dbExpress and now when I run the query "SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST" I got the error Invalid field size

If I use "SHOW PROCESSLIST" or other standard query all works well
The revision of mysql is 4.1.7 and my ide is Borland C++Builder 6

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Re: Invalid field size

Post by Ikar » Mon 22 Nov 2004 11:02

Thank you for information. We reproduced your problem and fixed it. This fix will be included in the next DbxMda build.

As a temporary solution you can set LongStrings := False:

To use this option with TCRSQLConnection you may set it in Params property of TCRSQLConnection.

To use the option with TSQLConnection you should define constant and set appropriate option value using event handlers, e.g.

Sample code looks like this.

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  coLongStrings = TSQLConnectionOption(101);

procedure TForm1.SQLQuery1BeforeOpen(DataSet: TDataSet);
  SQLConnection1.SQLConnection.SetOption(coLongStrings, Integer(False));

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