NULL in Blob fields

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NULL in Blob fields

Post by ale.capu » Wed 17 Dec 2008 12:10

I've a strange problem in release 4.x of dbxmda not present in 3.x.

I've a table with a BLOB field that can't be NULL.
Now if I insert a value with a parametrized query and load a parameter with this code:

MyDataSet.ParamByName('blob_field_name' ).LoadFromStream( MyStream, ftBlob );

Now, if MyStream is not empty no problem but if I've a empty stream (size=0) dbxmda 4.x whant to set blob field to NULL and not to empty stream ''. This problem is not present in dbxmda 3.x

Whaiting reply....
Best regards,

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Post by Dimon » Wed 17 Dec 2008 14:29

I can not reproduce the problem.
Please send me a complete small sample at dmitryg*devart*com to demonstrate it, including a script to create and fill table.

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