Mysql dbexpress driver version 4.20.04 in delphi 2009

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Mysql dbexpress driver version 4.20.04 in delphi 2009

Post by ddeberla » Thu 20 Nov 2008 09:33


I recompiled an existing application from D2007 in D2009. And now I'm testing the applicatin and sofar it seems that my current dbexpress driver 4.20.04 works fine ( still tagged 'core lab' )
Am I 'lucky' or are there any caveats :D
( PS I'm not using unicode character sets in the DB. All .dll are only in my application path so I'm pretty sure it is not using the trail driver for D2009 that i also had installed -- I removed the dll from system32 -- )


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Post by Dimon » Fri 21 Nov 2008 11:31

Yes, you can use old dbExpress driver, but it has some problems with Delphi2009, specifically with Unicode support and using driver name in design-time. But we recommend you to use the latest DbxMda build.

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