How to connect via DBX outside development environment

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How to connect via DBX outside development environment

Post by adamSAS » Sun 05 Oct 2008 15:37

All we are running a Win32 application compiled in Delphi 2007 connecting to MySql 5.x. On our development server (Win Server 2003 with Delphi and thus full suite of DBX drivers and files installed) we can connect to instances of MySQL over DBX on both Windows and Linux via ODBC. BDE connections on ODBC ok so this is just specific to DBX.

We've run the Borland installer on production environment (Windows Server 2003) and worked extensively to ensure libmysqll.dll consistent etcetera but still can not connect to MySQL over DBX (to either Windows or Linux instances)

CDS component will not open.

Anyone aware of any install package settings / files / configs we need to edit that is necessary in production environments?


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Post by ddeberla » Mon 06 Oct 2008 19:24


Just 2 tips from 'ordinary' user that might help you
-using DBX, I connect direct to MySQL 5.0 with dbexpmda40.dll/libmysql.dll copied in my application bin directory. Why ODBC in between ?
-IF you still need to use ODBC . Are the ODBC settings/configuration on the deployed clients correct ? ( path names etc..under control panel / ODBC ) I know this is probably stating obvious but still...

Good luck

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Post by Challenger » Tue 07 Oct 2008 05:32

Devart dbExpress driver for MySQL does not use ODBC. Please refer to the Deployment section of ReadMe.html.

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