Strange behaviour of dbxmda

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Strange behaviour of dbxmda

Post by flap » Thu 12 May 2005 13:55


I've just found a weird thing in the last dbxmda library using C++ builder 6. My program, under win xp, connects to a mysql (MySQL 4.1.7-standard) server running under IBM AIX.

The sql command above

select d.dp_nom as dp_nom, date_format(d.renseigne_date, '%d/%m/%Y') as renseigne_date, d.dp_coredacteur as dp_coredacteur,
d.dp_id as dp_id, d.dp_codeacces as dp_codeacces, d.dp_fige as dp_fige, d.util_id as dp_util_id, u.util_nom as util_nom, p.pro_varassodate as pro_varassodate from decritproto d, designede de, utilisateur u LEFT JOIN protocole p ON d.dp_id = p.dp_id where d.util_id = 2
and d.util_id = u.util_id
and d.dp_id = de.dp_id
group by d.dp_id
order by d.renseigne_date DESC

sorts rows on dd/mm/yyyy using dbwmda but sorts rows on yyyy/mm/dd, as requested, using mysql console (or via phpMyAdmin).

A workaround is to rename 'as renseigne_date' by 'as la_date' and then d.renseigne_date is used correctly in the ordre by clause.

Could you fix it, please?

Sorry for my poor english ;-)

Thank you.

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Post by Ikar » Fri 13 May 2005 07:56

DbxMda doesn't perform sorting of retrieved data. Try to search for an answer in MySQL settings.

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