Mysql Connection Aborts.

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Mysql Connection Aborts.

Post by Boerseun » Tue 19 Jun 2007 09:25

Hi there,

I am using Core Labs DBXMDA DBXpress Driver to connect to a MySQL Database. I have noticed that the MySQL Error log is full of the following lines:

[Warning] Aborted connection 6370 to db: '****' user: '****' host: '****' (Got an error reading communication packets)

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Post by Antaeus » Thu 21 Jun 2007 07:31

There are many reasons for such problems. This may be MySQL server settings, MySQL user settings, etc. Can you determine what client applications in what sases cause such errors?
Also you can take a look at this topic in MySQL Reference Manual. It describes possible reasons of this problem.

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