dbExpress driver or SQL issue?

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dbExpress driver or SQL issue?

Post by bedust » Thu 04 Jul 2019 06:35


D7A, NexusDB V1, Drivers Pack RC1+

Using dbExpress driver with SQLDataSet/DataSetProvider the following query
select max("int32field") as newnumber from "tablename" returns a Float
instead of the expected integer!

This "breaks" my appserver, any preliminary solutions?
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Re: dbExpress driver or SQL issue?

Post by Stellar » Thu 04 Jul 2019 14:47

Unfortunately, we can't reproduce the issue. To investigate this behavior of dbExpress driver for SQL Server, please compose a small sample demonstrating the issue and send it to us, including database objects creating scripts.
You can send the sample using the contact form at our site: devart.com/company/contactform.html
Please specify the version of Devart dbExpress driver for SQL Server you are using.

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