OraDirect .NET Data Provider version 4.00 Released!

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OraDirect .NET Data Provider version 4.00 Released!

Post by Devart » Thu 03 May 2007 15:24

Dear users,

Core Lab team is glad to announce a release of the new OraDirect .NET version 4.00.
The new OraDirect .NET is based on a new engine and emphasize design-time development and data management.
The new version conceptually redesigns OraDataTable component abilities and usage patterns, improve database application design-time features, reveal advanced .NET Framework 2.0 features, and introduce a lot of server-specific features.

More information on this below.

Application development enhancement
  • Added DataSet Manager to control dataset instances in the project
  • Added DataSet Editor for convenient datasets manipulation
  • New OracleDataSet class to use with OracleDataTable
  • New component DataLink added for flexible data binding
  • New capabilities added to OracleDataTable class
  • Added capability for cross-form components cooperation
  • Design time visualization extended
  • Supported addin, DataSet Wizard, and OraDeveloper tools integration with Borland Developer Studio
.NET 2 features
  • Added OracleDependency class to support Database Change Notification
  • Added OracleDataSourceEnumerator class to support Server Enumeration feature
  • Added support for Batch Update in OracleDataAdapter
  • Added support for returning provider-specific types in OracleDataReader and OracleDataAdapter
Advanced Oracle features
  • LOBs and Oracle Objects now entirely support the disconnected model
  • Supported Oracle Advanced Queue technology
  • New OracleAlerter component added
  • New OraclePipe component added
  • New OracleTrace component added
  • Oracle Client Software x64 supported
  • Added support for custom UDT classes
  • Added support for IN and IN/OUT REF CURSORs
  • OracleDataAdapter now supports sequential fetch
  • Added new class OracleGlobalization for managing culture settings
Other features
  • SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Solutions supported
  • Added OracleSelectStatement class for building SELECT statements
  • Added list of servers in connection form and connection properties
  • Added OracleLoader.LoadTable() method
  • Added DbLoader class that serves to load external data into database
  • Base level classes moved to the new assembly CoreLab.Data.dll
  • New demo projects added
  • Added OraDirect .NET information to Visual Studio 2005 splash screen and About box
OraDeveloper Tools 2.00 improvements
  • Added PL/SQL and SQL script debuggers
  • Added a project management framework for bookmarking related scripts and organizing database developments
  • Enhanced SQL Editor with context-sensitive code completion, code navigation, incremental search, and more
  • Enhanced working with data, including possibility to print data directly from data editor
  • Added search in object data and stored procedure source code
  • Added an extensive collection of SQL and PL/SQL code templates
  • Completely redesigned Security Manager to control user accounts
  • Added a Session Manager for controlling and analyzing user sessions
  • Added an Event Monitor for exchanging signals between database connections
  • Extended Oracle schema object support, including support for XML Schemas, Materialized Views, and Materialized View Logs
Please see OraDirect .NET 4.00 Press Release from Company News page.

Please try the new version of OraDirect .NET 4.00 that can be downloaded at http://crlab.com/oranet/download.html

To participate in discussion about the new OraDirect .NET version, visit the Core Lab support forums
at http://www.crlab.com/forums or e-mail the developers directly.
We're looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Core Lab development team