default values for parameters?

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Post by kevinherring » Thu 26 Jul 2007 11:12

Thanks Alexey, you've been really helpful.

I stuck sys.dbms_describe.describe_procedure into google and came up with this guys blog: ... ments.aspx
This was only posted in June, which is why I didnt find it before.

Anyway I settled on the following if anyone is interested:

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SELECT o.NAME, a.procedure$, a.argument, a.default#, a.default$
FROM sys.obj$ o, sys.argument$ a
WHERE o.obj# = a.obj#
and a.procedure$ = 'MY_PROCEDURE'
Unfortunately it doesnt seem that you can actually get the default value, only that it has one. This is good enough for me, but it would be nice if you could get the default value too.

Using the OCI call I mentioned above seemed like a lot of effort and parsing all_source would be slow.....

Thanks again

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Post by Alexey » Thu 26 Jul 2007 12:42

but it would be nice if you could get the default value too.
This appears to be very complicated. Maybe in distant future...

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