comment spam from corelab's assigned IP block on my blog

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kathleen fasanella
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comment spam from corelab's assigned IP block on my blog

Post by kathleen fasanella » Sat 30 Dec 2006 02:59

First of all, Corelab, update your WHOIS registration information. My email message reporting comment spam from your IP block bounced; there is no hostname as listed in your whois listing [:Sorry, I couldn't find any host named (#5.1.2)]. Furthermore, the telephone numbers listed with WHOIS are wrong too.
And either somebody is deliberately sending out spam from your block or somebody's got a dirty box. Please take care of it. I should not have to go to such lengths, register and post in your forum to address a simple internal problem. I should not have to google you to find this site either. If you kept your basic info up to date, I wouldn't have to do this.
thank you

Devart Team
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Post by December » Wed 03 Jan 2007 12:57

Thank you for cooperation, but we have no connection with this issue.
The information is probably actual for

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