Yet another licensing query

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Yet another licensing query

Post by kevinherring » Wed 27 Sep 2006 12:03

I have a windows program that references oradirect. It has references to another dll project which also references oradirect. I am developing this application and changes are ongoing. I have a colleague who uses this application (he does not develop it) and requires the latest version of this program several times a day.

When he runs the program on his machine he gets the usual 'License not found' exception. So heres what I did:

1. I created a licenses.licx and added it to my program and the project it references. The build action is set to 'Embedded Resource' . This license file contains the following line:

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CoreLab.Oracle.OracleConnection, CoreLab.Oracle
2. I then built the licenses file on the command line using the following:

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lc /target:"Program.exe" /complist:licenses.licx /i:CoreLab.Oracle.dll
which worked fine.

3. The resulting Program.exe.licenses file exists in the project folder of my Program. I then added this file to my program project and set the build action to embedded resource.

This still makes no difference.

I have also tried adding:
to the command line option in the properties of my program.

Why doesn't it work!?!?

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Post by Paul » Wed 27 Sep 2006 14:37

Please send us small application with one OracleConnection and license information. Send us sources and .exe, .dll files

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