Performance / Scalability

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Performance / Scalability

Post by Andy » Tue 09 Nov 2004 00:20

We just downloaded your product for evaluation and ran a comparison test with .Net Oracle Data Provider. The test executes PL/SQL procedure that returns a ref cursor. The procedure is a simple select that returns 16 rows with 6 columns each. Our test program then executes ExecuteReader to get the DataReader. It then loops through the DataReader.

Using Microsoft Application Center Test, we are getting 29 requests/sec using the .Net Oracle Data Provider and CoreLab. Both cases seems unsatisfactory to us. We are actually hoping OraDirect will provide us we better results.

Can somebody shed some light on what we maybe doing wrong in our testing?

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Re: Performance / Scalability

Post by Oleg » Tue 09 Nov 2004 16:46

We have tested OraDirect .NET on performance under conditions similar to
those your specified: we sequentially executed procedure with REF CURSOR 1000 times and received all the data of result set.
As a result of execution of this test we got a gain in efficiency on 10% in comparison with .NET Framework Oracle Data Provider. Probably, in your case share of access to the data takes insignificant part of time. Please test OraDirect .NET on performance at the separate application.
OraDirect .NET performance will be more appreciable if you fetch large
volumes of the data or execute a great number of the queries of the same type.

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