schedule copy of tables every month - i just have 10g express atm

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schedule copy of tables every month - i just have 10g express atm

Post by kev » Thu 06 Jul 2006 17:50

I don't know much about Oracle and was hoping if someone could shed some light on how we could implement our solution.

Our scenario is as follows:
For a new customer we are going to have 35million records coming into the database.

What we had normally been doing in MSSQL, is creating a new table every month and writing the records in here (although we never had 35 million records before).

The problem is, I want to archive these old monthly tables in order to save space. I don't know enough about the Oracle suite to see if there is already a program that we can schedule every month to move this table from one database to another. I was initially doing it by code, but this ends up taking 3 hours to copy... something we cannot afford.

Is 35 million records too much to hold in a table? Should we be partitioning this down even more? I don't know where the threshold is before Oracle craps out.

Or, maybe a better idea is to create a new database and just store new entries in a new database every month... this way we won't need to copy anything. To me, this sounds stupid though as i don't want to have 60 databases kicking around in five years.

I'm a developer and no DBA, no one here is a DBA. We're trying to evaluate if our application is going to work on a Oracle platform all without knowing anything about it. Please help!


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Post by Alexey » Fri 07 Jul 2006 06:16

This is the forum of OraDirect .NET. It is a data provider to access to Oracle database server for the Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework.
So we cannot give you advices in managing Oracle databases because this exceeds goals of our support.

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