Generating an OracleTableAdapter for Stored Procedures

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Generating an OracleTableAdapter for Stored Procedures

Post by Helga » Thu 22 Jun 2006 09:23

I'm using your trial version of ORADIRECT.NET 3.50 for testing, if we can use the coresponding professional version for our purposes. I have generated a DataSet and a OracleTableAdapter with the DataSet Wizard of ORADIRECT after configuring the OracleDataAdapter. I use stored procedures on the database side for all commands (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). All works fine, but I want to generate the Update-, Insert- and Delete-methods in the OracleTableAdapter too. As the documentation says me it isn't possible for stored procedures. I use the stored procedures in the OracleDataAdapter and it works without any problems. From generated code of TableAdapters for SQLServer I know, that the Update-, Insert- and Delete-methods of the TableAdapter simply pass through the parameters to the coresponding methods of the DataAdapter. How I can convince the Wizard to create me analogous methods like for SQLServer? The automatic generation of DataSets and TableAdapters directly from the database is for us a crucial question in our project developments. Manual writing of the missing methods are no problem for me, but we don't have so much time during project development.

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Post by Alexey » Thu 22 Jun 2006 11:33

Automatic generation of Update-, Insert- and Delete-commands is not possible for stored procedures. To set up them for DataAdapter you should implement said commands and indicate their names on the appropriate page of the DataAdapter configuration wizard. To configure TableAdapter in the DataSet Wizard choose it from the Data Source combobox and press Configure button. Then configure it in the same way as Data Adapter.

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