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Do not want to change my handling of the OracleDataTable

Posted: Fri 26 May 2006 10:18
by Stefan
I used the odac-components under "Delphi 6" and "Delphi 2005" to connect ( direct TCP/IP ) without .NET and the need of an installed oracle client to an oracle database. It works really fine.

Now we decided to change our development to .NET with "MS Visual Studio 2005 C#" ( .NET 2.0 ).

So I try the old way:
I define the Connection- and the TableName-Property of the OracleDataTable-Component. The connection is fine, but I cannot open the Table. Here I think the TableName must be a part of an installed DataSet. But how can I include a DataSet to my C#-Project, without using the way of Microsoft. Here I have to install an Oracle Client to connect via ODBC, ADO, OleDB, ... however.

The other way, to specify a separate select-command works fine. But I do not want to work this way. It was nice to view and change the Databasetable under use of one oraTable-Component.

Is there a possible way to work with your components like before .NET ?

My Environment:
- Windows XP PRO-SP2 ( German )
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ( German )
- Trial - OraDirect .NET 3.50 for .NET Framework 2.0 [size 3057 Kb]

Posted: Fri 26 May 2006 11:42
by Alexey
I cannot open the Table
Choose "Configure Data Table..." verb of OracleDataTable component.
Is there a possible way to work with your components like before .NET ?
It is unclear. Please specify how you would like to use them.

Posted: Fri 26 May 2006 12:10
by Stefan
I want to use it as described in "old way":
a) connect to the database with OracleConnection.
Used Properties : direct=true, password, Port, Server and UserID )
b) Specify a database-table with OracleDataTable.
Used properties: Connection ( for binding to the Connection described in a) ), TableName and Active=true
c) Display the table-rows through a database-grid like the dataGridView of the .NET Framework.
Used properties: "DataSource" for binding to the OracleDataTable described in b)

That's my preferred way to develop a databaseform ...

Posted: Fri 26 May 2006 12:56
by Alexey
You can do these all. Just configure OracleDataTable: set SelectCommand.CommandType=TableDirect and SelectCommand.CommandText=.