OraDirect .3.5 trial beta

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OraDirect .3.5 trial beta

Post by tom_jht » Tue 23 May 2006 00:45


when I use oradirect 3.5(recompiled with MS .net.), my program is runing on 64bit mode(compiled with x64) in vs2005(vc++8.0) on windows xp64.

private: System::Void button1_Click(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e)
this->oracleConnection1 = (gcnew OracleConnection());
oracleConnection1->ConnectionString ="User ID=scott; Password=tiger; Data Source=testdb";

Additional information: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.

on 32bit mode(compiled with win32), it no problem.


I think it is caused by windows xp64 or trial version?

thank u very much!
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Post by Alexey » Tue 23 May 2006 06:14

What is the name of the installation package?

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