Entity framework 6.1

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Entity framework 6.1

Post by moostafaa » Tue 22 Aug 2017 07:31

I am using Oracle Dotconnect version and Entity framework 6.1, after starting project visual studio throws and exception and shows that it can not find Entity framework, I add Devart.Data, Devart.Data.Oracle and Devart.Data.Oracle.Entity.Ef6
How can I use this version with Ef6.1?

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Re: Entity framework 6.1

Post by Shalex » Tue 22 Aug 2017 17:09

1. Did you install EntityFramework package into your project via Package Manager Console?

2. Run your code in the debug mode, navigate to Debug > Windows > Modules and make sure that EntityFramework.dll is loaded in the process of your application.

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