Workflow won't always wake up on time after Delay activity

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Workflow won't always wake up on time after Delay activity

Post by andreash » Tue 23 Aug 2016 15:09

We are running a WCF Workflow project on IIS (with AppFabric) consisting of multiple XAMLX files. For persisting on the database we are using dotConnect for Oracle. Therefore, AppFabric is not fully functional since there is no integration with Oracle yet.

In most of the XAMLX files we have Delay activities which cause the instances to "sleep" for several days. After each Delay activity a business entity is created in the system so we are able to track whether the instance woke up or not.

The problem is there is no consistency as to which instances successfully wake up and which are not. From analysing the data in the database we can tell that some instances wake up but not always on time (e.g. if Delay activity is 30 days some instances of that workflow wake up after 35+ days). Also, many instances never wake up even though their PENDINGTIMER field in INSTANCESTABLE has a date < today.

We have checked Event Logs and Tracing and no relevant error can be found to explain this behavior.

Any suggestion as to how we can resolve/debug this?

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Re: Workflow won't always wake up on time after Delay activity

Post by Shalex » Wed 24 Aug 2016 17:01

Does the same issue persist with a standard System.Data.SqlClient provider?

If not (i.e. the problem is specific to Devart.Data.Oracle only), send us a small test project, tell its target schema (WFv4.0 or WFv4.5) and specify the exact steps we should follow for reproducing.

In case of >2MB attachment, we recommend either using some file exchange server (send us the corresponding link) or uploading a test project to our FTP server (the credentials will be provided by email request).

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